Adobe Premiere Pro CC’s Fifteen Minutes Tutorial

Adobe System is quite a popular brand for editing applications. Among their inventions is a video editing application called Adobe Premiere Pro. Released for the first time at 2003, this application has been one of the most favorites for professional video maker and editor until at the moment, 2018.

The most recent upgrade from Adobe Premiere Pro is Adobe Premiere Pro CC. As the features got boosted, there are some things that need to be re-learned. As usual, the official website of Adobe has provided a tutorial. However, the tutorial is no more than a basic manual. It will take time before getting comfortable enough to get creative with the application.

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Here we have someone who will put those words into practice so that even a beginner can start getting creative with Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Denver Riddle from Color Grading Center made a tutorial video for Adobe Premiere color grading. Entitled “15-Minute Crash Course with Adobe Premiere Pro CC”, using the layout of the application as focus, he brings the audience to recognize which button for what, especially those that are related to colors. Follow his explanation through how to brighten colors to replace colors by manipulating hue, saturation, and luma.

Hear the full explanation at

It’s a little bit complicated with all of those buttons, right? Fifteen minutes might not be enough to show all the potential of Adobe Premiere Pro CC, after all. If you want to learn more about color grading from Denver Riddle, join the free training workshop (link is available at description).