Color Grading in Final Cut Pro X

Besides the content quality, a nice color grading is needed in making a visually appealing video. There are 3 basic terms to define the color that are hue or name of the colors, saturation or intensity and vividness of hue, and luma or the brightness and shade of hue. All are controlled in scopes that are luma waveform, RGB overlay form, and vectorscope form.

Image result for final cut pro color grading

First of all, you have to understand that color correction workflow is in order of correcting exposure, fixing white balance, and finished by adjusting saturation. In Final cut Pro X, correcting exposure is done through 4 color wheels that each has exposure controls on its right. The shadows color wheel effects the darkest part, the highlight effects the brightest part, the midtones effects everything else in between, while the master effects the entire image. Next, fixing white balance is done by neutralizing the overall temperature of the image using something white in the clip as a reference. The last, add some saturation using the left control of the master color wheel. Repeat these steps for every clip until the end by selecting the shot you have done correcting, click command+C, then back to the other clip, click edit menu to find paste attributes, then make sure the color effects are checked, and click OK.

The color grading central give this information about final cut pro tutorial through its youtube channel with username Denver Riddle. Sign up for its free workshop where you can get an in-depth training, color theory as well as ask questions.