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Drug Mycomax Discount Online Overnight Delivery - Easy To Buy Trican 50mg

Drug Mycomax Discount Online Overnight Delivery - Easy To Buy Trican 50mg

I have had recurrent yeast infections 3 in the past 6 months. I tried OTC Monistat, it helped but the infection came back the week before my period 2 months in a row. That prompted me to see my MD she gave me the one dose treatment and after about 3 hours of taking the pill I had a severe headache accompanied by vertigo which lasted for about 6 hours. It subsided with some Tylenol and I felt a little flushed and sweaty. The headache tried to come back the next day and again had to take Tylenol. As for the treatment of the infection ,it did knock it out but ouch the headache was awful.

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